Advocates for responsible government

Californians for Responsible Government was formed and founded by former government executive managers who have vast experience in dealing with the ineffectiveness of government. They have seen and been part of the inner workings and have formed Californians for Responsible Government on the basis of ending wasteful government spending, while taking advantage of revenue opportunities that would allow them to be more fiscally responsible to the taxpayer and allowing for greater opportunities to advance other services needed in the community.

Our beliefs include: 

  • Cities being proactive, or forward thinking, on issues for the good of their constituents; 

  • Cities and organizations operating and functioning in harmony to reduce unnecessary risks; 

  • Cities successfully working with proponents and opponents of any given issue to a satisfactory conclusion amenable to both sides; 

  • Encouraging regulation and enforcement over prohibitionist policies on issues involving land use and the development code; 

  • Organizations operating and functioning in a way that provides revenues to their cities – revenues that can be used to better address infrastructure and other services desperately needed within the community; 

  • Avoiding legal battles which can be perceived as hindering the right of citizen’s free will on issues which will ultimately come to pass; and 

  • Insisting there are a many responsible ways to conduct business within city government. 

For years, our group has seen governmental agencies waste millions of dollars through organizational ineffectiveness and inefficiency and through legal battles where the only winners are the attorneys fighting those battles.  

Our actions are to insist on the effective and efficient use of governmental resources for the benefit of the citizens those agencies represent.

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